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Make a difference in your hockey game by playing floorball! A great way to improve stick skills, game vision and conditioning in this exciting sport similar to hockey. Perfect for new and existing hockey players. The sessions will include skill development and scrimmage games. Protective goggles supplied.
(6-10 years)

Hoffman Estates Park District and Wolf Pack Hockey are very excited to introduce Floorball to our area

Wolf Pack Hockey Floorball

Chicago Wolves Players Thomas Hyka, Erick Brannstrom and Zach Whitecloud

Floorball is a fast-paced stick and ball sport that is safe, fun, inclusive, and easy to learn. Play centers around ball control, quick passing, and lots of running.

Floorball was originally developed in Sweden where the game has been played since the mid-1970s. It is the fastest growing team sport in Europe. The roots of Floorball can be found in many different sports; soccer, hockey, and basketball to name a few, which means that many concepts and strategies from those sports, can be seen in Floorball, according to the Floorball Training Guide.

Along with our unique focus on Sumo skating perfection and speed, we are anticipating that by adding Floorball it will round out our program to be the best platform anywhere. Passionate players who buy into our long-term development program of the total athlete can reach any level they want. Ask any great hockey player how they became so good…they will say playing hours of road/pond hockey. This self-motivated training improves stick skills, game vision, creativity, understanding tolerances, speed, and physical fitness. The personal commitment needs to be long-term to engrain core skills. Choosing to play on a team that may have a better chance to win, but does not stay the development course will hamper the player’s development.

To add excitement and validity to the Floorball initiative our GM and Chicago Wolves Coach Stan Dubicki has discussed it with our own Chicago Wolves players. The attached photo shows Thomas Hyka –Czech, Erik Brannstrom –captain of this year’s Swedish Jr National team, and Zach Whitecloud from Manitoba-eh! These Wolves all swear by the value of playing floorball in their development. They are hoping to get time with some of our players to show how it works!

The below youtube link shows how the NHL supports the use of Floorball to develop players

Dates and Times

Sa 10:30-11:30A 1/11-3/21

$88 / $93 ID#212479-A