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Goalie Academy

About the Wolf Pack Goalie Academy


Our goal is quality, not quantity and to build a proper foundation of fundamental skills for a successful career as a goalie.

Our Philosophy:

Goaltending in hockey is the hardest position to play and learn in all of sports and requires dedication and hard work. We are not a production line for goalies. We take personal interest in each of our goalies to see them succeed on the ice and off the ice in life. Goalies must be prepared in both the mind and body to become the best goalie they can be. We take the mental preparation in the goalie games very seriously, as that is often over looked by coaches. Mental preparation is sometime more important than the physical portion of the game.

The Wolf Pack Goalie Academy is here to take goalies to the next level of their playing ability.

HEParks Wolf Pack Goalie Academy

Goalies are important

At USA Hockey’s National Coaches Symposium this August, John Vanbiesbrouck challenged one of sport’s most common stereotypes. “We’ve got to get rid of the ‘goalies are different’ stigma,” the all-time winningest U.S. goaltender in the NHL said. “Especially with kids. They don’t know how to take that sarcasm. The growth in goaltending we want to create starts with how you treat them.” Don’t say they’re different? Don’t say they’re weird? Really? Really.

Here is a article from USA hockey about how coaches need to include goalies in their practice plans and not treat goalie different. Goalies are the the most important part of a team, if you don't have a goalie you don't have a team. Link here!

Staying mentally sharp

During these crazy times going on in the world, it can be a challenge to stay mentally strong. With every day changing, are we going to be on the ice this week for practice, are we going to get see our teammates and coaches, are we going to be school or learning from home. These are the question everyone is asking themselves for the past few months. 

We need to stay mentally strong, so we need to step away from the screens for a few hours a day and go outside, get together with family and friends, work out, practice our hockey fundamentals and skills and take time to ourselves to recharge our bodies and mind. Here is a great article from USA Hockey about staying sharp during these crazy times. Link here!

Goalies Handling the Puck

In this day and age of playing goalie, handling the puck is more important then back in 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Goalies started handling the more in the 90's and some the best stick handlers come from that decade. Todays goalies are handling the puck more and the goalies that come out of the net to play the puck, their teams seems to get out of the defensive zone quicker. One of the key elements of handling the puck is confidence. The more confidence you have the better you will be at playing the puck. Here is a great article on ways to improve your stick handling and playing the puck. Link here!

Stan Dubicki

GM of Ice Operation

Phone: 847-781-3632

Matt LaFrenere

Head Goalie Instructor

Phone: 847-285-5478