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Coyote 3 Making Great Strides

By Larry Sutherland, 12/26/19, 12:30PM CST


Every game has super shining moments and some missed opportunities.

Every game has super shining moments and some missed opportunities......

We play an all girls team, well organized and full bench score 6 - 0.....

which in no way tell the tale of how some of our players stepped up. We had a short bench two full forward lines while rotating 3 defense-men. 

Although no score was achieved our most timid players surprised with breakaway runs from inside our blue line to the goal shot on Henrik Hobson

several attempts.......Evan Kelly....I'll repeat this Evan Kelly same distance while being chased still got the puck onto the goalie.....Ian Zicher from defense got a few as well and still go back to defend......great efforts from our high expectation players , Franklin Cafagnini, and Logan Alekna playing forward also earned praise.....Over all I'm sure Both Amber and Craig will agree the team is coming together and game by game playing better. Lots to work on regarding "the magnet" in the puck and on zone coverage as well as "Shoot where the goalie is not and forwards supporting shots on......