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Off-Ice Training

Off-Ice Training Performance Shelf

A new off-ice hockey training room is now located in space that was previously the Gymnastics Shelf. The space accommodates 15-18 kids at a time and will be available for sports conditioning programs for all athletes.  Synthetic ice adds new additional training opportunities. Top players focus on off-ice strength, plyos, agility, footwork, toughness, athletic training, etc. in the off-season.  The new training facility will enable passionate players to drastically improve skating technique and power, speed, stick skills, shooting power, accuracy, release, secrets to scoring, checking skills etc. using video and benchmark testing.

 Features include:

  • Great staff – Mentoring by the top goalie coach in the country
  • 4 Boni shooting machines with special electrical reels on both rinks and in the off-ice training center
  • Dedicated weekly clinics
  • NEW- Crease bands for perfect positions
  • Synthetic ice for  “real” off-ice training
  • Safety padding on all walls to allow for safe game play and checking fundamental training
  • Retractable Netting partitions to form 5 separate enclosed stations, fully adjustable to needs
  • Portable synthetic ice for 7 elements of skating training and realistic puck stick and shooting skill training
  • Numerous stick-handling tools
  • Shooting targets-radar
  • Various affixed heavy duty resistance bands for leg power and shooting mechanics and power
  • Large power tires, weights, ladders, skip ropes, resistance bands, step boxes, Bosu balls, circles, soccer, boxing training methods, box lacrosse and much more
  • Portable video equipment for the ultimate in personal training
  • Electrical reels for goalie Boni machine training
  • The latest in training techniques and curriculum
  • Use of indoor track for speed