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Coyotes with the New Year Tournament WIN!

Well Rounded Play

Aside from Kendra Gorbatenko's assistive goaltending during an outdoor game at the Iceland Ice Arena,  Kendra also scored her first ever goal!

Great Teammate Deed

When one of our Coyote players got hurt Goalie Brayden Coleman, skating a long ways out of his net, leaned over his injured teammate helping her to feel better.

Mites Take Control

"Wolfey" Bailey scored a hat trick in his first ever game! While Kendra Gorbatenko saw her goalie was out of the net and proceeded to lie across the crease to prevent a scoring chance.  Nonstop player Donny Redmon who has done a lot of scoring himself, focused his attention at a recent game on one player who scored almost all the other teams goals resulting in a Coyote WIN!