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GREATER FOCUS ON YOUTH OVERALL HEALTH-The new Performance Shelf has the very best in training tools for hockey, and for general athleticism for health and welfare. The better general strength, speed, balance and coordination a child has, the better they will be able to play and enjoy hockey.

The video below demonstrates how, with basic exercise descriptions, young athletes have the wherewithal, ingenuity, creativity and self-motivation to challenge themselves in many areas to improve. They just have to be positively encouraged. The group in the video worked on a couple of structured drills but for over an hour worked together with the energy as displayed. All this after 1 ½ hours of challenging exercises on the ice.

EXCELLENT COACHING -The recent addition General Manager (Chicago Wolves Goalie Coach) Stan Dubicki, some wonderful new people and a great returning staff will also enable some of us passionate coaches that have not had the time, to get back on and off the ice doing what we love, helping players improve and love the game. The renewed energy will be fantastic for all!

THE BEST IN ON ICE DEVELOPMENT AVAILABLE- A more determined focus than ever on the SUMO System (our unique continual reinforcement of the proper posture and foundation for skating excellence) designed to perfect the 7 vital elements of skating (Sumo posture, edges/pivots transitions, stopping on a dime, forward strides, backward strides, crossover/unders, 4 kinds of explosive acceleration, and then applying them to the other four major skills, stick handling, passing, shooting and checking…the process of safely gaining possession of the puck). The use of standardized testing for goalsetting and the power of video and mirror visualization for skating and skill training will give the determined athlete the best platform to athletic excellence anywhere. We are determined to give every passionate player the platform to get it right from the beginning. Standardized team system training will enable greater consistency. Very few programs offer the skill detail to long term hockey excellence and enjoyment. Commit to the Sumo system of development and see improvement in your game well beyond your expectations.

GOALTENDING-Are you a goalie or would like to give it a try? Goalie academy Coordinator Matt LaFrenere and staff, including the professional expertise of coach Stan, have the tools and knowledge to improve existing skills of all levels, or start new players the right way. There is no program with more professional coaches and off and on ice opportunities to master the goalie skills critical to have to perform at the highest levels possible.

The best part…we all have fun doing it!