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The Hoffman Estates Park District hockey program began in 2004 where it became one of the fastest growing programs to prominence at any time in Illinois.

The focus of the program is to give youth players and coaches the tools to effectively play and love the game…for life!

The Jr. Wolf Pack Starter Program offers the person that has never skated a well-planned fun beginning (starters basic 1 and 2) to playing the greatest game on earth. Players then progress to the Jr. Wolf Pack hockey skills with equipment and sticks, followed by the In House league where players get the final touches in preparing to play competitive team hockey. The focus at all levels is to first master what is called the SUMO system: 7 elements of skating and apply to the other 4 major skills and finally to game play

Wolf Pack teams play in the Northwest Hockey League. Teams from Squirt (age 9) to Midget (age 18) play against other programs in what is termed as being a “house travel” league where players, capable of playing at a functional level are accepted on a first come basis. The league runs from September to March and teams are chosen through evaluations and when there are more than one team at any level, they are chosen as equal as possible. Players are expected to all get balance ice time in games. Wolf Pack teams receive excellent training opportunities for the level of play and as much ice time or more as any other program.

The Coyotes teams play at the 8 and under level called Mites. This full ice fun competitive level competes at both the house and travel level. The focus is on mastering the 7 elements of skating and applying to the other 4 major skills while learning situational game play.

The Wolverines are an all-girls program, offering opportunities to play appropriate competitive hockey for girls 7 to 16. Depending on the skill level, teams range from playing at different age categories in the Northwest Hockey League to full travel in the Northern Illinois Hockey League.

Two NHL size rinks, the additional of GM (Chicago Wolves coach) Stan Dubicki and the recent inclusion of some of the most passionate knowledgeable teachers/coaches in the game gives players of all levels the very best in training available anywhere. All in a very positive and fun atmosphere. The Hockey Performance Shelf now offers off ice hockey and athletic training that makes HE Parks hockey the very best value anywhere.

Contact Stan Dubicki  or Randy Jordan  with any questions.