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Learn to Play

Our unique teaching method focuses on building a strong foundation of skating while creating a culture of positive experiences.  This helps players build their self esteem while having fun on the ice. 


Step 1 Hockey Tot (242459) 

Tot hockey is for a new skater or someone with little skating experience. Tot hockey will put your skater on the beginning path in the Wolf pack hockey program. Tot hockey is similar to Snowplow Sam Learn to Skate class, but with hockey elements added in. Featured elements in the class are: getting up off the ice, proper way to move on the ice, push and glide, proper body positioning, and learning to stop. Skaters must take Tot Hockey or Snowplow Sam to enroll in Intro to Hockey - Level 1. 

Skaters will need a helmet, and gloves\mittens to be on the ice. Knee and elbow pads are highly suggested as well. Since tot hockey is an intro class we want everyone to have as much fun as possible and start their passion for hockey on day one!

For older players with limited on ice experience. Great opportunity to get started in the wonderful sport of hockey. The goal of this class is to prepare kids with basic skills to advance to level 1. This class is in place for children who are too old to take Tot Hockey. 

For the skater who has already completed Tot Hockey, SnowPlow Sam, or Basic Skating

  • Level 1 is the key starting point for your child to begin their hockey journey.
  • Skaters will learn fundamentals of skating. They will learn to be comfortable on the ice, learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, and how to hold a stick properly. 
  • Players must wear a hockey helmet with cage/face mask and knee & elbow pads. 
  • Skaters should also be in hockey skates (rental skates available to borrow).
  • Ages 3-12 Years

Step 3 - HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT  - LEVEL 2  (242469)

Level 2 will build off what your skater already learned in Level 1 and include:

  • Level 2 will provide more challenging skating drills and hockey based activities. 
  • The main purpose is to prepare players to play small area games and have fun while preparing for league play.
  • Players must come with helmet with face-mask/cage, knee & elbow pads, and stick.
  • Skaters must wear hockey skates. 
  • Prerequisite: Players must have attended and graduated from Intro to Hockey Level 1 or similar before participating in this program.

Step 4 - TEAM PLAY

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