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The Best Team Value in Hockey

The HEParks Hockey Club has made  a great investment in reduced pricing, first class equipment and top level people to make the hockey experience the very best anywhere. Offering  Northwest Hockey League House/Travel teams, Coyote Mite Travel (8 and under) team hockey and Wolverines Girls Hockey. The HEParks Hockey Club is taking the hockey program to new levels, not only give our players the best tools to excel at hockey while having fun, but just as important do more to develop a “total healthy athletes.”  Click here to read more.



Private Lesson Codes

232601 - Coach Jeff

232602 - Coach Matt

232603 - Coach Dominic

232604 - Coach Larry

232605 - Coach Amber

232607 - Coach Keagan 

232608 - Coach Joey

Fall Pricing

NWHL Mites(242505-A, AG) $890 - $445 goalies. Register here.

Travel Mites (242505-A2,A2G) $1390 - $695 goalies. Register Here

Squirts (242505-B, BG)  $1190 - $595 goalies. Register Here

U10 NWHL Wolverines (242505- W, WG)  $1190 - $595 goalies. Register Here

Peewees (242505-C, CG) $1190 - $595 goalies. Register Here

Bantam (242505-D,DG) - $1290 - $645 goalies. Register Here

U14 NIHL Wolverines (242505-W2, W2G) - $1590 - $795 goalies. Register Here

Midgets (242505-E, EG) - $1290 - $645 goalies. Register Here                           


Payment Options:
1. Pay in Full
2. Payment Plan: $300 due at time of registration. Saved CC on file. 4 automatic payments on 9/20, 10/20, 11/20 & 12/20

Checking Clinic

Bantam and Midget aged players, the checking clinic will be held during a skills session. Date TDB.

Registration is now open!

USA Hockey Player Registration

USA Hockey Player Registration

All Players must register with USA hockey with the EXCEPTION of the travel mite team. There will only be 1 travel mite (Coyote) team and they will register with AAU instead of USA Hockey. Details to come.

Please include your USA hockey number with your registration, or email it to Shannon at



Player evaluations are currently set for September 8th & 9th.

We will be running pre-skates until the season FALL begins. That registration will be open the end of July. 


NEW Fall Jerseys for ALL

Jersey Fitting Dates – This applies to ALL players. Everyone will be getting new Fall jerseys. Fittings will take place in the ice lobby.

Aug 2 & 4 9am-1pm

Aug 10 & 11 5pm-8pm

Fall Jerseys are included in your registration cost. If you are unable to make the fitting dates above, please email or call the ice office and make an  appointment to stop by BEFORE the August 11th order deadline. 

Samples of other jerseys to come soon

Coaching Line-up for Fall....

AAU Coyotes -  Coach Jeff & Coach Amber

NWHL Coyotes - Coach Terry & Coach Larry

NWHL Squirt 1 - Coach Jeff &  Coach Jay

NWHL Squirt 2 - Coach Saul & Coach Larry

NWHL Wolverines (U10) -  Coaches Amber, Becca & Kelly

NWHL Peewee 1 - Coach Dominic & Coach Larry

NWHL Peewee 2-  Coach Terry & Coach TBD

NWHL Wolverines (U12) -  Coaches Amber, Becca & Kelly

NWHL Bantam 1-  Coach Dominic

NWHL Bantam 2 - Coach Matt

NIHL U14 Wolverines - Coaches Amber, Becca & Kelly

NWHL Midget 1 - Coach Nikki

NWHL Midget 2 -  Coach Matt

As of 7/21. Please note this is subject to change 

Please note that NWHL teams are drafted completely EVENLY. There is no advantage to being placed on team 1 over team 2. The numbers mean absolutely nothing in terms of team rank.

Is your player not ready for team play?

We have the classes to get you ready.  Players ages 4 and up can enroll in our Intro to Hockey and Hockey Development Classes. Players as young as 3 are able to join our Learn to Skate Programs with Snowplow Sam or Basic 1.  Find additional information here.  


Skate Sharpening at the Rink

Don't have time to get your skates from the pro shop? Well don't worry, can get your skates here at the Triphahn Ice Center. We offer 5 different sizes and can be done in about seven minutes. Don't break the pocket book for skate sharpening, get it done cheaper and fast here.

Any question contact Matt LaFrenere 


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North West Hockey League

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Wolverines Girls Hockey

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